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Bitcoin eSports Betting Available with X-Bet

By September 25, 2018 October 6th, 2018 2 Comments
When using the X-Bet mobile platform, users are able to participate in Bitcoin eSports Betting from home or on-the-go. Either way, they can do it right from their phone. With safety and convenience as priorities at X-Bet, players enjoy an intuitive and informative platform that also offers high quality customer service. Additionally, when players use Bitcoin on the platform, they receive an added layer of benefits.

What Are eSports?

Essentially, eSports allow gamers to take their ‘profession’ to another level. By competing in global, multiplayer video games, these avid gamers offer a new type of spectator sport – eSports. At X-Bet, those spectators and fans can join the fun and choose and follow certain players, teams, and leagues and bet on their favorites.

eSports covers a wide array of competitive video gaming that is organized specifically for online playing. Competitors from all over the world form leagues and teams to face off in popular games like Fortnight, Call of Duty and Madden NFL. With the dawn of streaming services and live, online events, casual gamers have turned into mega stars who often rake in 7-figure incomes and enjoy big name brand endorsements.

eSports have become so popular that estimates suggest that by 2020, the industry will be worth approximately $1.5 billion.

The eSports fanbase has rapidly swelled to 162 million frequent spectators in 2016, with another 131 million occasional watchers. As massive as those numbers might seem, they are expected to grow to 286 million and 303 million, respectively.

We cannot guarantee the odds or returns made from X-Bet as a Casino.

Why Use the X-Bet Platform for Bitcoin eSports Betting?

X-Bet offers a full range of sports betting features and options. They provide a multitude of ways for players to interact, including three major areas of eSports:

  1. eSports – Ten eSports options are available for online betting, including Hearthstone and League of Legends.
  2. Sports – Betting not only for NFL and NCAA teams, but also for everything from golf to rugby to boxing; dozens of options are available for sports betting.
  3. Casino – Dozens of slot machine options plus poker, roulette, live casinos, and much more.


All gambling and betting should be done in moderation. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

With highest odds and generous bonuses and jackpots for players, the X-Bet platform makes betting fun and rewarding. Not only that, on this eSport platform, players have a wide array of payment options and ways to deposit funds for betting – including Bitcoin.

Which Payment Methods Can You Use?

From Visa to Skins to Bitcoin, X-Bet allows players to choose their preferred method of payment. They can use the Skinpay system to replenish their balance with skins, or deposit to their account using a good old visa card. They even accept Bitcoin!

For security purposes, players are asked to confirm their identity with a photo ID in order to conform with anti-money laundering regulations (unless payment is in Bitcoin).

How to Access Winnings: Withdrawals

When players want to withdraw their winnings, they can do so, but confirmation of withdrawals may take up to 72 hours. When sending the funds to a bank card, it can take up to five business days. Other than that, confirmations on withdrawals happen as soon as possible once initiated.

Whenever a player has concerns or needs help with a deposit or withdrawal, or any other aspect of using the X-Bet platform, the support system is accessible 24/7.

X-Bet Bonus Options

Players have multiple choices when it comes to bonus options:

WelcomeX – As a nice way of welcoming players, X-Bet allows first-time depositors who enter the applicable bonus code to receive a 100% bonus up of to 100€! Minimum deposit amount is just 10 Euros.

XRisk – When players make a deposit on the X-Bit website using the applicable XRisk bonus code, they receive a refund of their first bet of up to 50€ after a deposit if it will be lost. For this bonus promotion, bets must have odds of 1.5 or higher to participate.

Image of X-Bet Bitcoin eSports betting platform's Terms and Conditions for bonuses

20Plus – Make a deposit entering the applicable bonus code and you will receive 20% bonus up to 100€! Minimum deposit amount is 10 Euros. Example: Deposit 100€ + 20€ (Bonus) = 120€ on your balance.

Rampage – When making a deposit using the applicable bonus code, players receive a bonus of 100% of that deposit. The minimum for the Rampage bonus is only 10 Euros.

X-Bet VIP Deposit Bonus – These special bonuses are given by management in particular situations.

To learn more and begin participating in X-Bet Bonuses, be sure to play it safe and carefully read the terms and conditions for all available bonuses.

Find the X-Bet Bonus Terms and Conditions here: https://x-bet.co/bonus-terms.

Bitcoin for Betting – How and Why X-Bet Players Use Bitcoin

Players can opt for paying with Bitcoin simply by selecting the “We Love Bitcoin” payment method when making a deposit.

Image showing all the payment options offered by X-Bit Bitcoin esports betting

Using Bitcoin the X-Bet Platform offers multiple advantages to users:

  • When using Bitcoin as a method of payment there are no minimum amounts or limits. Whereas with all the other payment options, there is a minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals of 10 €. This allows players to bet within their means with just small amounts if they prefer.
  • Normally, players are subject to account verification before interacting on the X-Bet platform. However, when they use Bitcoin as their currency of choice, account verification is not required. Thus a little more privacy is offered by using Bitcoin on X-Bet.
  • Extra Bonus is available when using Bitcoin. For instance, players can get a 5 mBTC bonus on their first deposit when paying with Bitcoin. In order to qualify for this bonus, players must deposit at least 10 mBTC and contact live-chat customer support or via e-mail. Please refer to the Bonus Terms and Conditions for additional rules and information.

The X-Bet eSports platform is proud to offer high-quality customer support 24/7. A detailed FAQ is also available on the site for common questions and concerns. On top of that, the website features a responsive an interactive chat feature for players and even newcomers who are new to eSports.

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. It is not a recommendation to trade. Cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex and involve significant risks – they are highly volatile and sensitive to secondary activity. Performance is unpredictable and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Consider your own circumstances, and obtain your own advice, before relying on this information. You should also verify the nature of any product or service (including its legal status and relevant regulatory requirements) and consult the relevant Regulators’ websites before making any decision. Cryptocurrency Australia Media, or the author, may have holdings in the cryptocurrencies discussed.

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