Our Story

The Story of Cryptocurrency Australia

The Cryptocurrency Australia story was founded by a want to help people. Led by our founder, Beau Stoner, we ‘went wide’ to share knowledge and experience of the growing blockchain and cryptocurrency movement. It struck us that very few people were aware of the huge potential for cryptocurrencies as a new asset class. We wanted to tell the world about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and explain not only how the technology works, but how it will shape the financial landscape of the future. Importantly, we wanted to show people how they can become involved with cryptocurrencies in Australia.

Starting with YouTubing from a bedroom with an old laptop using free software, Beau shared his knowledge of cryptocurrencies with Australia and the world. The content to begin with was cringe-worthy, to say the least, but it was providing value to people in a down to earth way from a regular person who once needed help himself. Over time, we continued to polish and refine our content, working hard on highlighting emerging trends and opportunities.. Over time, the numbers started to grow. From 10 subscribers a week, to thousands at one point, we now have a combined community of nearly 30 thousand amazing people!

Cryptocurrency Australia grew from very humble beginnings. The brand grew very organically and It wasn’t long before Beau went to work and created our first online cryptocurrency training course. The ‘Cryptocurrency Investment Fundamentals’ Course, which focuses on the Australian market, unbelievably became a real success. Hosted on Udemy.com, it has reached a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, with nearly 1000 students enrolled and becoming the highest-rated in the categories of business and investment.

The success of our course ultimately led to the birth of our official website, cryptocurrencyaus.com, which is becoming a whole new exciting platform for cryptocurrency content. With our website, we are aiming for it to be the central location for all our content, with our social media channels such as YouTube providing the video content.

We are working very hard to position Cryptocurrency Australia to lead from the media industry in Australia by providing incredible content for people nation-wide and beyond. Credibility and professionalism are very important to us, and we are working hard so that Cryptocurrency Australia becomes a trusted source of news and information in the months and years to come.

Ultimately, our story starts and continues with our incredible and supportive community. We would not be here with you, and we value our community and audience above all else.

So whats next for Cryptocurrency Australia? We have some very exciting things in store, which we cant wait to share with you over the coming months.