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Every Capital – managed investment fund pitches crypto to the masses

By July 4, 2018 No Comments

Every Capital – managed investment fund pitches crypto to the masses

While Australia has been dubbed a ‘cryptocurrency continent’, many investors are still wary of bolstering new financial ecosystems. Every Capital aims to change that. At a time when the Reserve Bank of Australia is considering the merits of launching a national cryptocurrency linked to the Australian dollar, this new kid on the block has a tempting investment portfolio in emerging Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). What’s more, it is promising to make crypto investment, including Bitcoin, ‘safe’ and ‘simple’.

If those two words have piqued your interest, it is worth explaining where Every is coming from. Its ethos is more than a sales pitch. It has placed itself at the cutting edge of disruptive technologies, promising Australians “high-performing, credible crypto-asset” opportunities. What’s more, as its call to action suggests, it aims to advance technology and investment using a simple and secure format.

‘Quick’ way to invest in cryptocurrencies

Every is pitching to wannabe cryptocurrency investors who, thus far, have been too wary to follow the lead of the housing sector and inspired individuals. It says, it takes just minutes to sign up and start investing in its managed cryptocurrency hedge fund. This is a place where you can buy the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum with Australian dollars in just a few clicks. But that’s not all. Where Every is really leading the field is in its work with ICO investments. It has set its sights on giving savvy investors the heads up on the most promising crypto investment opportunities going.

If you are not particularly into tech, Every could be for you. It is aimed at those who want an easy route into crypto investment. With guides and tools designed to get you started, Every lets you track your portfolio effortlessly. It even promises to aid the tax process with clear end of year reporting.

Taking the risks out of crypto?

While Every is the first to admit that investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky for the uninitiated, it says its due diligence mitigates many of those risks. It uses informed research and ground-breaking security protocols to put safety at the core of everything it does.

So, if you invest with Every, what can you expect?

  • 30% of Every’s holdings is in established cryptocurrencies
  • 20% is invested in the most promising ICOs
  • There is a 30% focus on long-term altcoins
  • Every also has a 20% focus on stablecoins and fiat currency pegs

Every is partnered with Astronaut Capital and alternative investment management experts Global Merces.

Learn more and follow Every Capital at https://www.every.capital/

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