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The Australian Crypto Regulatory Ecosystem

By February 13, 2019 No Comments


Over the past 2 years, I’ve seen the Australian crypto regulatory ecosystem change a lot. Specifically, the amount of different agencies at a federal level entering the blockchain space has continued to increase. As a result, there is a growing complexity of departments, agencies and organisations who are playing different roles as the industry matures.

Furthermore, there is various Acts, pieces of legislation and initiatives being run by these agencies. No longer is it ‘easy’ to determine who does what and the role they have. Consequently, I decided to create a chart that shows each agency and what they are working on.

Hopefully, the map makes it a bit easier for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about what our landscape looks like. I plan on refining it over time and adding more agencies and resources as they become known.

The Australian Crypto Regulatory Ecosystem

This map was has been designed to show which agency does what. Moreover, it also shows which pieces of legislation apply in Australia.

Simply put, its a brief summary of each agency and what their function is within the cryptocurrency industry. At the bottom of this post is a section containing links to all resources mentioned in the map.

Australian Crypto regulatory ecosystem

Links & Resources

Here are links to the main websites and resources shown in the graphic. Other than the main websites, are links to the specific cryptocurrency information that has been put out by these agencies.

Australian Securities & Investment Commission

ASIC Main website

Initial Coin Offerings Information sheet 225

ASIC’s money smart page on cryptocurrency investment


AUSTRAC main website

Digital Currency Exchange Providers (DCE) main webpage

DCE enrollment and registration page

Anti‑Money Laundering and Counter‑Terrorism Financing Act 2006 Legislation

Australian Tax Office

ATO main website

Webpage for tax treatment of cryptocurrencies

Page on investing in cryptocurrency in an SMSF


Treasury main website

Issues paper and request for feedback on ICO’s

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Main website

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